I am aware that many of you know from where to get royalty free samples. Also, I know that many will say that they do not agree to buy sound libraries – because they create their own sounds, but ultimately, some of the best producers use commercial sample packs. Why? Because they help you to save your time and gives you the necessary inspiration to come up with something new & fresh all the time! – Behind these sample packs are whole teams of professionals working to create new sounds and to keep up with the last demands in the music industry.

Below you will find my list of the best websites from where you can buy & download high-quality royalty free audio loops and samples, 

All products provided on these websites are “Royalty Free”. That means you can use all these samples in any musical project, be it personal or commercial – no extra costs in the future.

That being said, here are some of the best websites we recommend you to get high-quality “Royalty Free” sounds:


1. Producers Loops

Producers Loops is the place where you can get quality sounds for almost any musical genre and for all today’s production software. Besides their catalog of Hip Hop & RnB sample packs, they also provide a good selection of free sample packs, so be sure to check it.

Soon we’ll publish a list of the best websites from where you can free download sounds, loops, and samples. Right now we are working on it …

If you know more website from where to buy/download high-quality loops and samples please add them using the comments section below.

4. Producer Kit

Producer Kit is one of the largest Hip Hop distributor of sample packs on the Internet, with over 100,000 Sounds. Recently they changed the whole look of their website, they have adapted it to today’s demands, with a modern and responsive design for phones and tablets.

3. ProducerSpot

We have recently opened the newest digital store where you can buy the best sample packs and virtual instruments to produce music. We already have hundreds of popular titles from the industry’s most important labels. From construction kits, drum samples, vocals, synth presets, MIDI, we have it all. Do not hesitate to visit the store section right now.

4. Splice

Splice changed the game from the start. They were the ones who opened the way for monthly subscriptions to get sounds. At this time, they have more than 2 million samples that can be listened and downloaded individually. The minimum subscription is $ 7.99 per month, and the first month is free.

5. Mode Audio

Mode Audio is a fairly new sample label but who managed to make a very good job. I tested several of their sample packs and I can say that Mode Audio sample packs are pretty good and versatile. Also, they managed to conclude several partnerships with major companies like D16 Group, Image-Line, Propellerhead, Bitwig Studio and others. With many positive reviews and satisfied customers, the future looks bright for Mode Audio.

6. Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy in an innovative sound design label from the UK, specialized in providing cutting-edge 100% royalty free & original sample packs, using a collection of highly sought vintage and new-age studio equipment.

7. Hex Loops

Hex Loops is dedicated to all Hip Hop and Trap producers. With over 70 original sample packs in their store, they have evolved over the years and have become a reference site for FL Studio beatmakers and Trap producers. I recommend you to check their MIDI Packs and Construction Kits, great for their flexibility and extra inspiration.

8. 8DIO

8DIO was also launched in 2011 by  Academy Award Winning, TEC/Mix Foundation, GANG and D3 award winning  composer and producer, Troels Folmann and Tawnia Knox.  8DIO sound packs are featured in the majority of current blockbusters (ex. Avatar, James Bond Series, Interstellar, Avengers Series, Hunger Games Series, Dark Knight Trilogy, Transformers Series, Saving Mr. Banks, District 9, Thor, Elysium), TV-shows (ex. Game of Thrones) and video games (ex. World of Warcraft series, Diablo 3, COD Series, Starcraft 2, Need For Speed series, DOTA, etc).

9. Samplephonics

Samplephonics strive to bring you the best samples, loops, presets and FX libraries. Also, they develop some great music production tools and virtual instruments for sound designers around the world. Their goal is to create fresh, unique sounds!

10. The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft, founded by drummer / producer / loop guru, Ryan Gruss is sample boutique that provides some of the best Drum Loops, ReFills for Reason, Ableton Live Packs, and Multitrack Drum Sessions. They DON’T USE SAMPLERS or SOFTWARE, all the samples are recorded by the best REAL musicians.

11. Bluezone Corporation

Bluezone Corporation is a leading sample label providing professional, high-quality audio sample packs at very reasonable prices for experienced music producers, composers and video game sound designers around the world.

12. Beatport Sounds

Beatport Sounds – Beatport is a very popular online music store and a powerful social community with over 12 years experience in the online music environment. Besides music, free tracks, albums, and mixes they also provide a great selection of samples, sounds, and loops to complement any production needs.

13. ADSR Sounds

ADSR Sounds is part of ADSR’s websites network which also includes ADSR Courses with hours of music production video courses. ADSR Sounds is a web-store from where you can buy a lot of high-quality royalty free & exclusive sample packs. Besides ADSR Sounds you will find a wide range of sound labels such as AfroDJMac, Surge Sounds, THE ONE, Inspiring Sounds and many more.

14. DigiNoiz

Diginoiz label offers high-quality sounds, loops, presets and samples for various musical styles such as Hip-Hop, RnB, Club, Pop and many more others. Besides the sound offer, Diginoiz also has a section where they sell exclusive beats made by a multi-platinum producer, only using hardware equipment.

15. P5 Audio

P5Audio sample store is mostly recommended for Hip Hop music producers. They offer sample packs produced by experienced producers who have worked with artists such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, Flo Rida and more. Their sounds packs can be a great source of inspiration for your next beats.

16. Function Loops

Function Loops sound label was founded in 2011 and since then they have released a lot of high-quality sample packs. “Function Loops Mobile” division provide expansion packs for G-Stomper and Audio-Evolution Apps for Android and iOS devices.

17. Big Fish Audio

Big Fish Audio develops royalty free loops, sample packs, and virtual instruments. They distribute a large selection of loops and virtual instruments from some of the most famous sound labels around the world.

18. Sampleism

Sampleism is a community-based sample store, providing loops, synth presets, audio software and Native Instruments Kontakt instruments and libraries. Here you will find sample packs from many well-known labels, some exclusively.

19. Dance MIDI Samples

DanceMIDISamples is another great online source for MIDI and WAV sample packs, all 100% royalty-free to provide you the best inspiration. Over 100 labels and thousands of sound packs are awaiting you.

20. R-Loops

R-Loops was officially launched in 2009 by a group of passionate sound designers and producers specialize particularly for Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Dirty South, Pop. Besides their original ‘R-Loops’ labeled packs, you’ll also find sample packs from other popular sound labels.